I hate all of my previous Medium articles.

I wrote so many articles on Medium between 2018–2019. I don’t think they matter as much because majority of them are lost in translation, from time to time I get notifications of people still highlighting phrases from them. Most of the articles weren’t well crafted at all, I didn’t really interact with the readers, and many were rushed. I was trying to make a large income off of my Medium articles so I bullshitted just to try my hardest to be published. However, I don’t use Medium the way I use to.

Now, when I turn to Medium I find…

I got other things to do.

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I stopped running Essays W/ SA somewhere around 2019 when I was homeless.

It was time for my life to slow down and oddly, I thought that if I wrote a million articles then I would somehow create a living off of my “work.” Yes, art is a discipline, a lifestyle, and a past time but it is not work. Art does not guarantee stability. I told my mother, over and over again, “I can pay my rent with my articles, please believe me..” …

Here’s why it takes forever to publish

So, I’ve been writing the Sandy Walker Series ever since 2019. I started the novels when I was going through a tough spot in my life and decided they would be good to share since there aren’t too many books on the shelves about black families. Urban Fiction, today, is nothing more than washed up books about sex and drugs without literature so I aim to write the same themes using more figurative language.

The truth about editing novels is that it takes a lot of discipline and time. I never wake up in the morning saying to myself, “I…

Don’t buy the subscription, whatever you do.

Squarespace has been often advertised as the ‘go-to’ for bloggers. People usually love the website due to its sleek layout, pristine pages, and the way that it effortlessly gives many options for businesses to grow.

It is nice, especially in the way that I can integrate email marketing, social media, and have the ability to run a store right from one single dashboard. This is why I went ahead and purchased Squarespace for my new and upcoming business, BLCK.

The whole purpose of BLCK is to support #blackartists and I thought having a nice website where a product gallery, my…

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Poverty means we have to take more care of ourselves.

Low wages are the bane of anyone’s existence. Nobody wakes up thinking to themselves, “I want to be underpaid today,” but it is a reality for over half of American adults.

According to the Pew Research Center two-thirds of working adults believe the federal minimum wage should be raised to $15 per hour, nationally.

Currently, the federal wage is still set to $7.25 with less than half of the nation have higher wages than that depending on the cost of living per state.

New York, for example, has a minimum wage of $15, but a single adult without children would…

they may not value their career as much anymore.

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College seems so far away now that I graduated back in December of 2019. I can remember when I envied all of the pre-med school students on campus that were busy studying hard in their biology, anatomy, and physics classes. While their heads were down in science books I was busy prancing around delivering fresh polished lines of Dante in Italian. I was a literature guru in undergrad that could write an entire 50,000 paged novel in 2 weeks, not one that minded anyone that planned on working in healthcare. …

Disney, thank you for acknowledging global blackness.

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When I was seven years old, I’ll never forget the late evenings when my father would sit on the living room floor with frankincense and myrrh burning as he would begin to read Arabian Nights to me. At the time, my father had just converted to Islam and began to teach me the customs of being a muslim. He shared all of his knowledge about the Qur’an, Al Fātiha, and Salaat as he explained what it meants to follow the way of the believers.

But, just as important as the religion of the islamic culture are the folklores that have…

Understanding why we ‘work hard’ for everything we have.

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Athelete. Rapper. Drug dealer. The three categories of the typical Black American male in this society who did not attain a degree or decide on a trade. He may work in a warehouse or even sale shoes in order to get by. But, what happened to the fundamentals of education in the low income black household? It went out of the window when bills began to pile up. In every African American household somebody has to sacrifice their time for full-time school in order to attain a degree part time or work uncomfortable positions in warehouses. New slaves. A form…

The subtle art of becoming invested in the person you’re writing.

When writing a novel a writer should create living people; not characters. A character is a caricature. — Ernest Hemingway

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I stumbled across Hemingway’s quote on Instagram as I was scrolling down my timeline and it made me realize something: we aren’t invested in the story of a cliche, but we want the story that is far from what we thought we were going to read. My attention was stuck on this idea of writing in depth about a person, not just someone, but someone who has flaws, traits, and persona to them. …

A fiction world for the storytelling genius.

If you don’t know, Wattpad is an application and website that was developed in order to give the creative writer an outlet. There are all kinds of stories on it from literary fiction, to romances, thrillers, and even fan-fiction (which gets the most acknowledgement on the app.) Wattpad is a place where people can read the work of others who aren’t formally published and can gain more feedback on what they’re writing. It’s a great tool to use for networking, skill building, and marketing. However, is this a tool that the professional story teller should use?

Personally, I created my…

Sierra Ayonnie

I’m just writing for the culture, support #blackartists visit theblckcollective.com

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