Here are the articles I published while you were asleep — read these.

While you were asleep, this is what I wrote — read them if you love me.

Sierra Ayonnie
2 min readJul 2, 2022


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While you were asleep, I was up late on a Thursday night banging my fingers away at my laptop. I was writing so many articles and just clicking publish — a huge mistake because I can’t go back and schedule them for the afternoon so I created this article for you.

Now, I’ve learned my lesson about publishing without paying attention to scheduling so I’ve decided to update you. I hope you love this and I really appreciate you taking the time read a couple days later.


I was led to write this article because I changed my network up recently and I really look forward to seeing what’s in store with the changes I’ve been making. I know for a fact that having new people around does make a difference so I’m open to the journey meeting people who can help me to grow on new levels, plus I shared some tips on networking.

Starting A Business

We all love to feel inspired and it can lead to some genius business ideas, but what if you’re trying to start a business and you’re feeling overwhelmed? I wrote an article on the importance of starting a business without going crazy. I’ve been in business for a while and most days I feel insane, through this article you can use some of my tips to help you with running a business and avoiding losing your mind in the process.

Moving On

Moving on in a relationship is more than just breaking up and leaving someone, moving on also means taking accountability for your own actions and beginning to heal through the issues. It could be possible to move on from issues with your partner and begin to heal together, but first it’s important to acknowledge old behaviors and begin doing the work to change.

These should have been insightful to you! Thanks for catching up.



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