Here’s the shit about Squarespace

Don’t buy the subscription, whatever you do.

Squarespace has been often advertised as the ‘go-to’ for bloggers. People usually love the website due to its sleek layout, pristine pages, and the way that it effortlessly gives many options for businesses to grow.

It is nice, especially in the way that I can integrate email marketing, social media, and have the ability to run a store right from one single dashboard. This is why I went ahead and purchased Squarespace for my new and upcoming business, BLCK.

The whole purpose of BLCK is to support #blackartists and I thought having a nice website where a product gallery, my urban fictions novels, and a place for people to display their work can exist. When I started making the home page I thought maybe my laptop and WiFi was glitching.

I built BLCK’s homepage at least three times on the default ‘home’ tab that automatically came with a fresh website builder. I changed the logo a few times, edited the subheading text, and even imported images for my t-shirts. I felt like I was moving fast with my work, especially with how fast the speed processed my images and carousel.

But, to my avail — after I purchased the $144 annual personal package, I found out one simple thing… there was no ‘save’ button for my webpages.

So, a night where I would have spent at least two hours writing two chapters into my urban fiction series was wasted on two hours and a $144 subscription to a website builder only to read, from their company, there was no ‘save’ button for edits done to pages. A content creator has the option to restore deleted pages, but there is no option to save work as you go or have a built in autosave feature for those who are working. This is a waste of your money and time. And, yes, I will be receiving my refund.

Apparently, this is Squarespace’s standard:

This blurb doesn’t say anything about Squarespace coming up with an ‘autosave’ feature anytime soon, so if you purchase a subscription then you’re going to have to be okay with the page glitching and all of your work having been deleted.

The last bullet states “‘if’ you clicked ‘save’ after editing pages, blog posts, or other collection items, such as products or gallery images” — but there is no ‘save’ button on the dashboard anywhere to save. This should not be written at all, there should be an autosave feature.

The saddest part about this is that it makes all of the other features on Squarespace useless, without my pages being saved after I spent two to three hours building them there’s no point in adding email marketing.

This company has just lost a customer all because there wasn’t an option to keep what I spent time making.

I’m just writing for the culture, support #blackartists visit

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