Today, I called a psychic.

Here’s why.

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As I reflect on 2018 I realize that it was a long year. It wasn’t just me who suffered, many of my family and friends told me that things were a little too rocky for them as well. Towards the end of the year, around October, I could feel a shift in my small universe. It was as if I could sense the tornado that had be wrecking many homes beside me finally dying out and the peace of the morning after the storm is approaching. But, that peace wasn’t felt until I made a conscious decision to start actively engaging in my spirituality.

Some may call me a witch, others will think of this post as sorcery, and others won’t have an opinion at all, but I came here today to share with you just why a psychic kicked off my final days of December. And, to the religious people that may want to call me a witch for my beliefs I challenge you to message me with a scripture that I can’t interpret into laymen terms.

Now, many people have religions that they believe in or philosophies that they live by, but I only have a science that makes sense. I’m not really one into the notion of reading bible scriptures day and night, but I do believe in chanting to change the energy of a room. Keeping this in mind, I have read so many philosophies about life that I have arrived at a grounded foundation that can only interpret what’s experienced. If I haven’t experienced it then it doesn’t exist (at least, that’s my take on spirituality). So, when my best friend gave me Ernest Holmes to read I was a bit hesitant. I don’t just prance around quoting book quotes because I understand that those “elites” are writers just like myself. However, this book wrapped up all of my experiences in one quick ribbon. It began to place into words all of the things that I know about the universe we live in.

This belief of science also holds true that there are people who can interpret the energy that they feel. [Energy is scientific, not a mere product of imagination, but I won’t explain that in this post.] The “psychic” is nothing more than a person who understands the “psyche.” “Psy” may bring up the man who wrote Gagnam style on Google, but in philosophy it is the prefix for spirit, mind, and body. If we take apart the word “psychic” in sound it almost sounds like “side kick.” Funny how that works. What’s also interesting is the way that we were taught to “ignore” and not listen to psychics because “they are of the devil.” But, what if we need an outside perspective on our spiritual lives because we can’t figure it all out on our own? We should phone a friend, right?

This all dawned on me when I woke up from a nap this evening. Many know that I am great at dream interpretation. I always wake up from my sleep and can understand the meaning of my dreams through the residue of energy left behind from a long night of traveling. My friends are use to me saying, “I had a dream that…” and then days later some portion of my dream unfolds. But, today, was the day that I woke up after having a series of dreams over the course of a month that I just could not, for the life of me, read. It was without hesitation that I looked for a free five minute consultation with a side kick.

Now, I don’t recommend this if you aren’t advanced in your spirituality. There are some people who play with good energy while there are others that are of dark nature. If you can’t feel out the difference between the two wavelengths then please don’t phone anyone. Just how throughout life not everyone is your friend, the same can be applied to spirituality, not all psychics are your side kicks.

This is all vibrational. I didn’t feel the need to do a lot of research on any company or even share with you which one I chose because too much information can waiver the interpretation. Nonetheless, I found the right one on Google and talked to Calley. I knew how to spell her name without being told by the operator. When she answered the phone I could hear in her voice that she was an older white woman, middle class, and business oriented. Just like myself, she’s very sensitive of sounds and through either more or less noise she can receive an interpretation. She asked why I called and I explained to her that I had been having dreams in the past month about a particular person that I can’t seem to figure out. Most of the dreams are chaotic and woven with feelings of anxiety. The person that I’m dreaming of I no longer associate with but the constant appearance worries me. I wonder if they’re okay, if these are warnings, or subconsciously I’m supposed to reach out to them.

Without anything else said further, she gave me a tarot reading, advice, and even a numerological analysis for free in five minutes. It was accurate. I knew that what she said to me was precise because most of the minor details were things I already knew, feelings I had already sorted out, and emotions that have come and gone. Through the sound of her voice, I could tell that she wasn’t “pretending” or telling me anything negative. One of the cards that she read back to me dealt with protection; something I had prayed for hours before I called. The card served almost as a form of confirmation that she wasn’t a fraud. The information I received was an echoe of what I had known as well as a prediction for the next eight weeks.

Ultimately, through the confidence of my spirituality I felt comfortable with calling her and then writing about it. As of lately, I’ve been trying to figure out just what I want to do with my life but more and more each day I’m leaning towards becoming a full-time spiritual advisor. First, beginning with a career in ordinary counseling psychology and then opening my own private practice at home. I guess I shared this with you today to let you know that there are people out there that are weirder than you are and you can make friends with those who some might say, “don’t ever talk to.”

In fact, when I hung up the phone with this psychic I knew that I had found someone who could reliably help me to understand something I can’t spiritually figure out. If ever I need to phone a side kick in the future I can. After all, the way that this world works is that we’re all interconnected while some vibrate a little higher than others, why not gain more insight?



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